Lidi van Dessel

"Even though you won’t notice when first meeting me I will be very demanding and tough when it comes to making (your behavioural) change happen."

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Dear reader,

Apparently we have something in common: curiosity. And perhaps also a drive to investigate and anticipate. Welcome to my personal page!
Somewhere the coming weeks we will meet and I would be grateful if you let me know if the content of my personal page matches with what you have experienced during our meeting.

My personal hero is my mother, because she lives her values no matter what happens in life. She trusts and embraces people unconditionally. She shines like a warm-tinted light. She loves life!

If I could choose to have a talent, it would be: making music because it inspires, it makes people relax and connect.

My favorite quote is ‘When our communication supports compassionate giving and receiving, happiness replaces violence and grieving’ by Marshall Rosenberg. And since I have celebrated my X0th birthday: ‘Age is not important unless you’re a cheese’ – Helen Hayes.

My vision is investing in each other’s well-being creates harmony and prosperity.

What makes me stand out is that even though you won’t notice when first meeting me I will be very demanding and tough when it comes to making (your behavioural) change happen.

What I do with grace? Listen, explore & discover, organize.

My favourite sport is sailing. The direct impact of your actions while dealing with the currents of wind and water...and also the’s thrilling and rewarding.

I love reading novels and cookbooks, doing groceries at the incredible multi-cultural market in my home town (in fact I love all markets) and cook of course, travelling, making my own clothes while chatting with my daughter.

Letting go of what one loves dearly is painful and scary, sometimes almost impossible. So a book I would like to recommend is ‘The good father’ by Noah Hawley. It took my breath away.

Me in 3 words: inventive/resourceful, pragmatic, assiduous.

I am addicted to stories. I worry about growing ego-centrism in the world. 

I have two favourite quotes that very often do the trick for me: ‘stay focused and carry on’ and ‘happiness comes from gratefulness’.

My nationality: Dutch

Language skills: Dutch and English

Some projects I am very proud of:
• Carrier Transicold: a highly customized programme for Carrier’s sales force and top & senior management in Europe. Carrier Transicold is in the transition from product selling to becoming a true Solution Provider. Key ingredients in our service: change consulting, design and roll out of 2 training programs in various European countries (Value Proposition-skills and Leading Change). 
• Tata Capital in India: design of a Train-the-Trainer program for almost 100 in-house trainers to help them to make more impact because of sustainable training results.
• Van Hessen: define, design and roll-out of an international Leadership programme, build around personal leadership, change management, performance management. Van Hessen is home based in The Netherlands and is a global industry leader. The roll-out of the leadership program has started in the US and China, and will continue in Europe.
• Stichting ToBe is a Dutch not-for-profit organisation that provides creative courses (music, painting, sculpturing, dance) for children and adults because art stimulates personal development and has a very positive impact on society. ToBe is becoming an absolute trend setter in this field of expertise and is currently breaking all existing rules. Our intense change-programme for ToBe’s formal and informal leaders focusses in letting go of restraining elements in ToBe’s culture and being able to lead people through drastic changes.

As a colleague I am known for my thoroughness, creativity, problem solving, quality focus.

My expertise within Krauthammer:
• Under the skin: I explore and understand the context of my client or participant, his business drivers and objectives. This expertise leads to an efficient translation of operational challenges in short & intense, pragmatic blended learning programmes with use of innovative learning tools.
• Train-the-trainer: facilitate and train people in becoming an impactful trainer and coach. I am deeply involved in the development and quality of the didactical skills of our own consultants.

I believe that every person who aims to make a difference in work (and life) needs to have a firm understanding of his or her drivers and irrational beliefs, a big appetite and sensitivity for gathering personal feedback , and a high discipline in capitalizing on feedback.

I would recommend everyone to follow training in non violent communication. 


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