Philippe Chapel

'My profession provides me with the passion and the constructive energy that I transmit to the ones I relate with'

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My nationality: Belgian

My seniority: a 21 year world class journey through close and distant geographical, business and leadership cultures.

Language skills: Dutch (mother tongue), French (father tongue), English (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), German (conversational).

My profession gives me the passion and the constructive energy to deeply experience myself and to create special days for others.
I have so many special moments within Krauthammer, I can’t count them because I was and am in so many places on the globe with so many great people.

A project I’m most proud of, is the Creation of Triangle-partnerships with Business Schools.

My dream project is to develop individual stakeholders and business leaders with pragmatic behaviour training/coaching combined with the help of dolphins and horses in a sunny resort on a sandy beach.

As a colleague I am known for world citizenship and multi-culturist.
My expertise lays in connecting people and cultures.

My perfect day in few years’ time would be: a day as I wanted it to be, enhanced by my wife’s and my two boys’ fulfilment, enjoying physical and economic freedom and welcoming a good surprise.

My two life lessons teach me that “What you care for will grow” and “The perfect speed is being there”.

This has made me stand out: my life and work at sea and my perseverance in top sport.


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