Silja Voordeckers

'We are capable of far more than we think, if only we believe in it.'

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I love to contribute to people’s personal growth, in training and coaching, at work and in private, by offering different angles for introspection.

My nationality: Belgian

My seniority: Senior Consultant

Language skills: fluent Dutch, French, English

I like working at Krauthammer because in this company I am surrounded by a special mix of people, who are passionate about much more than their jobs only. Their interests in art, music, philosophy, psychology, nature, sports, travel, new encounters, spirituality, family, inner growth, helping others, etc...allow me to learn, laugh, enchant, grow. I want to help other people grow, so it gives me great pleasure when I see that happening or when people tell me that I helped them in their personal growth.

My dream project would be a company wide advanced management / coach programme, realising sustainable competitive advantage by installing a comprehensive coaching culture.

My colleagues tell me they know me for my reliability, wit, insight, distraction, perseverance, indecisiveness, preparation, quality, passion, strength and standing out.

My expertise within Krauthammer would be discovering behavioural patterns.



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