GreGoire Gatbois

'Finding uniqueness and not fighting for the first place.'

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My nationality: French

My seniority: Senior consultant

Language skills: French and conversational English

I like working at Krauthammer because of the essence of our job which is developing awareness (self-awareness as well as awareness of the outside world).

My expertise within Krauthammer is creating “Impact” through relationships.

I believe that every manager needs to have a clear understanding of his personal value system in order to know exactly what to decide and why he is acting the way he is.

To become an inspirational leader, you would need to align the being, the thinking, and the doing! In other words: act according what makes you who you are.

I would recommend everyone to follow a training in Time Management.

Working at Krauthammer has taught me to make people work together, first clarify the essence of the project before entering the task management.


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