Thijs Westerkamp

'My vision is helping others to live their life.'

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My nationality: Dutch

My seniority: Managing partner

Language skills: Dutch, English

Why I like working at Krauthammer? It is just great to have the honor to work with so many different people from a wide variety of organisations.

I am most proud of the client projects SBM Offshore. Internally within Krauthammer: our employee buyout.

My perfect day in 2015 would look like: the last training session with a group of 24 participants coming from just 6 different companies on the topic “Change Management” They all present the concrete results what they have achieved in the last 6 months and want to sign up for the next level because they made “change” a real fun and powerful journey!

My expertise within Krauthammer is being a creative rebel!

Where do I see myself in 5 years from now? In the same job, more building a global network on Change management practices.



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