Motoaki Goto

'Be positive to yourself and dare to try. Then you know what needs to be improved.'

Motoaki Goto

'It is not because it is difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that it is difficult'. Senaca

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    Create positivity from physical, mental and spiritual health.

    Being positive to oneself and others is not easy! From time to time we are driven by our emotions, our environment and surroundings. Being positive is not just an attitude, it is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual health.

    Having a good physical health is definitely help to generate energy. To create good physical condition means how well are we balancing our nutrition intake and our physical fitness.

    Mental health is the next balance between emotions and being rational. Do we first define our facts and then link this to our emotions, or vice-versa? How about our expectation versus reality? Could we accept and adapt other thoughts?

    With physical and mental readiness, one will gradually develop the spiritual health. Spiritual is unlimited and forever. How good are we in believing in ourselves in order to build self-confidence?

    With a strong combination of physical, mental and spiritual health, it naturally will formulate the positive, proactive and passionate energy.

    My nationality: Japanese

    My seniority: Senior consultant

    Language skills: Japanse, English, Chinese

    I like working at Krauthammer because here I learn and earn. I am most proud of the personal coaching of senior management on strategic planning and with positive result. My dream project would be a multi-cultural programme.

    As a colleague I am known for sharing with others. My expertise within Krauthammer are my multi-cultural experiences.

    In 5 years from now I hope to be contributing to grow Krauthammer Asia Pacific.


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